A Dumpster Fire & Prayer

The potpourri of nuttiness that we’ve experienced over the last three years has done nothing good for our health and our wallets and frankly I doubt the show is over. It’s just begun! We are entering into a time of revolution, the sort that burns the house down (along with all past memories) and attempts to build its utopia. These activists are rolling us towards a cliff in a dumpster fire at 200 KMH and our Liberal Government has no brakes to stop it. It is fueled by the revolutionaries who spent more time learning how to protest while in school than learning logic or biology. Movements that at one time would have been deemed as a violent mob are now heroes on the streets. An uprising is on the up and up and its primary backers are those to whom you pay your taxes or receive your salaries. These peaceful activists are pushing the culture of death, burning down churches, opening up girl’s bathrooms to men, allowing kids to “transition” but not get a tattoo and ultimately hope that our faith and morality ends up dead or transformed too. For Christians, this has its despairing and it’s unquestionable that many feel helpless at the force that comes from the lunatics who took over the asylum. But this isn’t the first rodeo for Christians. Remember, in the beginning, the apostles felt helpless as they gazed upon their Messiah hanging on a cross only to see the victory afterwards. Never forget that our ancestors were fed to lions, used as candles all for the entertainment of a madman. That never dissuaded them and neither should we be deterred today.

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Edwardian Prayer in Canada

Anyone who frequents a church for even a short period of time will come to recognize fairly quickly that the attendance of the meetings seems to fluctuate as the week goes on. Sunday mornings win the largest crowd, and it generally goes downhill from there. The bottom of the barrel in a traditional protestant church is the mid-week prayer meeting. While some souls will brave any weather condition or even government lockdowns to get to church to pray, many others seem less gallant in their effort. The reality is that if you can get half of your Sunday Morning group to attend the mid-week prayer meeting, you’re doing pretty good. Yes, this is actually a joke amongst those funny type Christians who enjoy a good laugh like your truly. At the same time, it is not a laughing matter!

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