An Intro to Discipleship

Through my many years of church membership, I’ve taken the bait to address internal hot topics with my brothers and sisters in Christ which at times have created a few fires that almost consumed my precious soul. While I never intended it to, it often blew up in my face! This is often the case because people are either a little too edgy when confronted with a different view or they see you as an intellectual windbag who they’re not going to let you get away with pushing your views. Of course, it could also be that I rub people the wrong way, but I’ll leave it with the Lord and pray that perhaps I’ve matured. The essence of these theological conversations was significant and, in my mind, worthy of address. We need to be concerned about what we believe and discuss amongst ourselves especially those items that have ecclesiastical significance.

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Christian Nationalism & Postmillenialism

For the Christian, the hope of the future is bound to the promises of the scriptures and these promises don’t only show us the final destiny of humanity, but they’re like road signs directing us on how to get there. Our outlook on the end of history determines how much we steer in getting there and also what that involvement looks like. Some are less passionate about their contribution while others are hitting the gas pedal hard. Unless you’ve prematurely moved into your bunker and shut off your AM radio, you’ve surely have heard a few hot takes on the topic of Christian Nationalism. Admittedly, until just a few short months ago, I wasn’t acquainted with this expression and the movement behind it but now the elite have captivated me with another fearmongering name to exile all Christians whether they serve in government or not. If you’re not familiar with this term, I’ll do my best to share what I know. The idea of Christian Nationalism is a Christian political movement seemingly gaining some attention especially in the United States that is attempting to pass laws through government that would reflect God’s civil laws in their American society. Most mainstream media outlets who are our beacon of knowledge and truth identify it with a bunch of KKK rednecks and religious fanatics trying to usher in an American version if Iran but without all those pesty protests. Well, that’s the definition you will get from your local liberal and Tik Tok conducer but anyone with a shred of honesty will argue that it’s a little more complicated than that. The concept of a nation with Christian principles scares these folks who are fighting adamantly for an anti-Christian secular nation and are willing to engage in a little friendly civil name calling. But ultimately, like any other movement, there are different extremities, some extreme while some other are of the more mild version.

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A Stroll in a Cemetary & The Future

The work of tracing a family tree can be a daunting one especially if you care to do it right. Scouring records of genealogical data from multiple sources for hours on end is no laughing matter especially if someone in the past wasn’t a very good bookie. We all come from a long ancestorial lineage and few of us are privileged enough to have met but only a few of our familial forebearers and hence, an investigation in necessary. One thing for certain, while conducting our inquiry, we discover quickly that we may know very little about their past. Baptismal records may reveal some affiliation to a religion, work documents to their occupation, land surveys to determine where they lived, and, of course, court records may divulge their badness but ultimately, we know only sparse few details about our distant past relatives.

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He Shall Have Dominion

While the purpose of this site isn’t to necessarily recommend books or products, I feel that in this case I’d like to make an exception. Ken Gentry’s “He Shall Have Dominion” is an important volume for those who would like to consider a different viewpoint on biblical eschatology. While I don’t subscribe to every point in this writing, I still think it lays out a very accurate understanding of the future things. There is an online PDF Edition of the book available and should you have a little spare change, the book can be purchased through Dr. Gentry’s website or through Amazon.

Antichrist Documentary

Our national affairs are rightfully overseen by government officials who are in return responsible to God for the institution that He has established. We as Christians are responsible to pray for them so that we may live peaceable lives and we should be offering up petitions to the Almighty for their conversion (1 Timothy 4:1-4). Further, we are to subject ourselves to them (Romans 13:1) but not in some total way. When forced to choose between the king and the King of Kings, we should always choose the latter. But we are also responsible to hold them accountable (Matthew 14:3) and remind them to keep their throne outside of the place of worship.

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Edwardian Prayer in Canada

Anyone who frequents a church for even a short period of time will come to recognize fairly quickly that the attendance of the meetings seems to fluctuate as the week goes on. Sunday mornings win the largest crowd, and it generally goes downhill from there. The bottom of the barrel in a traditional protestant church is the mid-week prayer meeting. While some souls will brave any weather condition or even government lockdowns to get to church to pray, many others seem less gallant in their effort. The reality is that if you can get half of your Sunday Morning group to attend the mid-week prayer meeting, you’re doing pretty good. Yes, this is actually a joke amongst those funny type Christians who enjoy a good laugh like your truly. At the same time, it is not a laughing matter!

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A Divine Mission Statement

Evangelical churches have for the most part jumped on the bandwagon to modernize their marketing strategy by including web content. Yes, they’ve gotten with the times and delved into utilizing this “new fangled” promotional approach. While these websites do a pretty good job at laying out the history of the church, giving you directions to their building with a Google map and informing you when not to call the pastor, some have actually included their statement of faith. Generally, if a statement of faith is not included, well, it often means that they don’t want to bore their readers with theology or to them, it really doesn’t matter what anyone believes. Some have even gone as far as to openly declare their mission statement and these ecclesiastical pursuits are often written in a pretty hip way, well, at least they think so.

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The Gospel of Plunder

For He rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

-Colossians 1:13-14

Any great story involves a hero who finds him/herself amid a struggle, and finally, through adversity wins the day through the defeat of an enemy. Prior to the hero’s quest, this gallant needs to figure out a few things. Firstly, what side he’s on, secondly who’s the enemy and finally what does success look like. Today, there is, in fact, a story and we should recognize we’re part of that story as a Christian. If someone pressed us to describe what on earth we should be trying to do as Christians, what is our story, our response would be simple: We are plundering a kingdom. As a disclaimer, I’m not saying that we are killing people, nor are we looting like in certain cities but we are plundering by taking people from an enemies kingdom to another Kingdom in a sort of rescue mission. One of the problems today is that we don’t think in terms of kingdoms and we need to gain some insight regarding the kingdom to understand the story. We need to recognize what kingdom we represent, what is this kingdom that we’re supposed to ransack and what is the plunder?

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