The Utopia of Spiritual Redemption

The wisemen of our internet world continue to preach their brand of freedom and tolerance all the while attempting to enslave you to these ideologies and intolerances. These nice activists are perfectly willing to force you to comply to their demands of accepting everyone and everything or else you shouldn’t be allowed in their enlightened society. Governments and corporations have bowed the knee to these woke philosophers all in the name of tokenism and he who controls the money, rules the world. Their goal is to bring diversity, inclusion and equity to all and how they plan on doing this is to tear down societal institutions in hopes that they can build better ones. They are peddling a mirage and think we’re gullible enough to believe that their utopia will be less oppressive than the last. They themselves are fooled in believing that they’re rebuilt utopia won’t repress those they see as different or deemed less than them. You know, like those religious folk.  What we must not miss, is that while our society has done atrocious things towards those they deemed as inferior, these self-enlightened activists will do something far worst. Before you drink the proverbial cool aid of our modern-day sages, consider that we are already seeing the results of their solutions and we’ve seen nothing but death, fire, perversion, and chaos. When they don’t get their way, they bring suffering, violence, and death. The solution is not in the destruction of western civilization, not in wokey racism, not in a rainbow flag sticker on my car but in redemption and forgiveness. For the Christian, this is the ultimate solution. Before moving on to fix our societal wrongs, we need to receive redemption and forgiveness in Christ, and grant to others the same.  

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No Fury Quite Like It

Christians are a people who live in this world but are not of the world. Well, supposedly they are.  We participate in the societal structure of their community just like everyone else and this contribution takes on the form of holding jobs to support our loved ones. Christians also like to talk about how they’re affiliation with the faith makes them a unique type of professional. As an example, there are Christian barbers, evangelical bakers and plenty of Christian politicians. One that stands out on a personal level is a local used car company in my local community which advertises itself as a Christian business with old fashion values and while I’m sure there are intended ethical differences contrasting it from a secular used card lot, they still sell sub-level cars and service. I know this because I purchased one and have regretted it to this day. They sell awful cars much like the secular lot just down the road. But once they associate the term Christian with the sign, you are advertising your business and your faith as Honest Larry the sleezy Christian car salesmen. They produce services exactly like secular men/women but add the Christians tag to their role to excuse this sub-level amenity. This is especially alarming when a brother sells a brother a lemon.

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