A Charter & A Prison Letter

In 1980, Canada and its provinces began procedural meetings to establish its Constitution which had been originally founded in Britain. Their desire was ultimately to establish a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to bring legislative independence and assure Canadians certain fundamental rights. An approval was requested from Britain and in return accepted. Queen Elizabeth II visited our beautiful country and signed the Canada Act on April 17, 1982, in Ottawa. This gave Canada control over its Constitution and guaranteed the rights and freedoms in the Charter as the supreme law of the nation[1]. Now, lets try to imagine if one of us Rogues was able to go back in time and we showed up at the Parliament in our nations capital on that day in 1982 to sign this declaration in the stead of the the Queen and our then Prime Minister. Let’s say we beat the signatories to the punch and signed the Charter of Rights and Freedom. How legitimate would this document be? My assumption is that our signature would mean very little to our left-wing neighbours and quite honestly, we’d probably see protests flaring up in the streets of Ottawa leading to the eventual burning of the Charter. Now, to be fair, they’d be correct in not accepting the authenticity of this signature. The point I’m trying to make is that the ones who signed the charter gave it its legitimacy. The document’s validity is based upon who is backing it up and the weight of their title. Nothing short of a high level bureaucrat, a prime minister or the Queen herself could have authenticated this document for it to be accepted as our national declaration of rights.

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A Megapolis & A Daunting Task

The opportunity was afforded me a few years back to visit the great New York City. Visiting this large metropolis was an awakening experience especially when you’re from a relatively small city in Canada. You get a real sense of awe when gazing your eyes upon the grandeur of the lights, the historic tall buildings, it’s monuments and the sheer volume of people travelling through its streets. New York a center for art, music, and theatre (and sometimes combined) and the best acts around the globe flock there. It has the most exquisite museums and art galleries anywhere in the world. By inference this city didn’t achieve it’s magnificence overnight. It took many years of development and New York has some serious history associated with it. What also comes to mind in pondering this megapolis, is the other side of the beauty. The reality of crime, sex and violence that plagues the city which to my understanding has gotten far more intense since my time there.

One other thing that was noticeable was the diversity of religion. Much like their shopping district, if you wanted to find a religion, it was available. Various religious beliefs were present whether in their edifices or someone in the streets with a placard trying to make a sale by warning about the end of the world. You didn’t have to look far for a religion to fit your needs. With that said, one must wonder how a person attempting to start a church with little financial backing would go about to bring his/her faith to the Big Apple? Imagine the intimidation of walking into a city staring a soup pot of various beliefs and attempting to establish your own. Now, try to picture yourself entering this city and you are preaching a message that goes explicitly against the establishment so much so that not only are you riling up the local temple priests, Rabbis, or imams but now you have the mayor and governor attempting to put shut you down. Why you may ask? Because you’re preaching a message that is completely opposed to theirs and you’re refusing to bow the knee to theirs! Because your message is more than simply an agnostic yoga class. You’re preaching a message that there is only one God in a city where most believe there a multitude, and everyone of them is seen as authentic. You are proclaiming a Messiah who is calling on them to repent from their sins, be it their idols, their sexual perversions, their oppression, and to embrace Him as the only way to be right with this One God. But not only this, you’re telling the government officials that they’re not in charge. You’re establishing the fact that Jesus is Lord over them, and not their Democrat representative. Needless to say, your entrance into the city wouldn’t be welcome and how intimidating would it be for you to be charged with this daunting task.

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