The Mysterious Good News

Imagine during a time of war that you decided to broadcast to the whole world your plan to invade your enemy. You include the exact date and time of the campaign and the details on how you will approach the raid. Nothing short of a catastrophe would occur and a lot of your people could die. You’d learn quite quickly that some secrets are necessary for the greater good. While at times holding a secret is necessary, some revelations however are exciting, and we await eagerly to learn about the disclosure of something that’s concealed. As an example, when an announcement is made that has some significant information will be published, we get our popcorn out and await eagerly its divulging. When we talk about a mystery, there are cases when we’re talking about full disclosure of something that we had no information about. But a mystery can also be defined as a revelation of something we possess some information about, but not in its full form. We’ve received hints or bits of information, but we’ve not seen the full picture. Now, try to imagine something that has been kept under wraps for thousands of years, not something that we had no idea about, but something that we only saw a part of the picture. Envision each year receiving a new photo where it becomes clearer and suddenly, at the right time, we see it in its final form. This is the real deal, this is the full picture, all the details have been shared and it’s absolutely glorious. In our study of Ephesians, we now enter the blessing of the revelation of the great mystery of His will.

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