The Divine Eulogy

There are few businesses in this world that are as much a sure bet for success than the funeral business. Entering into this time proven profession guarantees a constant flow of transactions with little need for changing your business plan. There is someone somewhere mourning the loss of a loved one and providing comfort during this mourning is the only thing you need to get right. Funerals serve as a time for friends and families to pay their respects to the life and legacy of someone they love. One way that this respect is shown is when mourners verbally express the honour they wish to attribute to the deceased. These words of devotion comes in the form of a eulogy. People offer their praise in having the privilege to have known the deceased individual and often attribute kind words in an encomium for what they have accomplished in life. But while we associate eulogies with funerals, in reality, whenever we give praises to anyone for their accomplishments in their honour, we are giving a eulogy on their behalf. The difference is obviously that they are alive to accept (or reject) the praises sent their way. We see eulogies during award shows in the form of tributes to those who have lived a life worthy of praise. It also manifests itself every year we spend a moment remembering our dead who sacrifices their lives going to battle to defend our country. We hold ceremonies, sing songs, write poems and make films to praise them for their actions during times of trouble and to tell the story of their sacrifice on behalf of their country and those they love.

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