Jeckyll & Hyde Spurgeon

It doesn’t take long to recognize in examining the content of this website that we have an admiration for Charles Spurgeon. While I know some would shudder at our gushing over him, I really have no issues with accepting this torrential admiration of a man whom God used mightily. I have personally read all his sermons and many of his books including several biographies on this prince of preachers. It would be an understatement to say that as a Reformed Baptist that he has had a massive influence on my life. He was a man of incredible depth and he made his life count in never wasting his time with pettiness but always looking on ways to advance the kingdom of Christ. He went to the grave at the age of 57 years of age and left us with several large body of works, a college and an orphanage that are still with us today. I could only wish to have his depth and his courage to stand for the word of God.

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The Cultural Revolution & The Sons of Issachar: A Recommendation

The recommendation section on this website is not one that we use often. We always attempt to write our own materials and point to others who are bringing the fight to the world or who are edifying the saints with something special. We generally prefer using Twitter to share this type of content. With that said, my wife & I had the privilege last evening of watching the below sermon on the cultural revolution and the sons of Issachar by Douglas Wilson. I’ve yet to hear such a timely sermon dealing with our current cultural dilemma with such balanced and solid biblical thinking. I honestly wish that I could put this sermon in the hands of every Canadian Christian and have this shown in every church. Pastor Wilson really brings out the way that we should approach this new revolution and where the church dropped the proverbial ball. Whatever you’re doing today, take a moment to listen.

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Happy Reformation Day!

While the majority of my neighbours will be dawning ugly (and less than creative) ghoulish attire today, I will be focusing upon celebrating a much more significant event. October 31st will live in infamy, not for the celebration of Sam Hain, but for the day that a young monk by the name of Martin Luther decided to nail 95 debate theses to the doors of a Roman Church in Wittenberg. The firestorm that would proceed from that day in 1517 changed the world as we know it. It would spark a religious, economical and political change that continues to echo with us even in our generation. It would bring a time of the revival of the gospel and the centrality of the scriptures in the religious lives of Christians.

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He Shall Have Dominion

While the purpose of this site isn’t to necessarily recommend books or products, I feel that in this case I’d like to make an exception. Ken Gentry’s “He Shall Have Dominion” is an important volume for those who would like to consider a different viewpoint on biblical eschatology. While I don’t subscribe to every point in this writing, I still think it lays out a very accurate understanding of the future things. There is an online PDF Edition of the book available and should you have a little spare change, the book can be purchased through Dr. Gentry’s website or through Amazon.

Antichrist Documentary

Our national affairs are rightfully overseen by government officials who are in return responsible to God for the institution that He has established. We as Christians are responsible to pray for them so that we may live peaceable lives and we should be offering up petitions to the Almighty for their conversion (1 Timothy 4:1-4). Further, we are to subject ourselves to them (Romans 13:1) but not in some total way. When forced to choose between the king and the King of Kings, we should always choose the latter. But we are also responsible to hold them accountable (Matthew 14:3) and remind them to keep their throne outside of the place of worship.

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Eve In Exile Documentary

While we are all at times left in the dark about exactly how we fit into the world, Christian women experience this in a radical way. With the rise of the feminist revolution, many women who desired a more biblical approach to life were left feeling ashamed in their traditional femininity. Rebeka Merkle and the good folks at Canon Press put together a wonderful documentary on the restoration of femininity for the Christian lady. Eve in Exile is based upon her book with the same title which deals with a return to traditional female life. To watch the documentary, you’ll need to subscribe to Canon+.