Happy Reformation Day!

While the majority of my neighbours will be dawning ugly (and less than creative) ghoulish attire today, I will be focusing upon celebrating a much more significant event. October 31st will live in infamy, not for the celebration of Sam Hain, but for the day that a young monk by the name of Martin Luther decided to nail 95 debate theses to the doors of a Roman Church in Wittenberg. The firestorm that would proceed from that day in 1517 changed the world as we know it. It would spark a religious, economical and political change that continues to echo with us even in our generation. It would bring a time of the revival of the gospel and the centrality of the scriptures in the religious lives of Christians.

I thought I’d recommend a few resources for those who may be interested in celebrating this Reformation Day 2022. Leave some of your recommendations in the comments below!






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