The Eschatology of Jesus

There are many fiery topics of discussion among Christians and the debate over just how the world will end is among the favourites. I’ve tried to refrain from jumping into the mix of these exchanges but alas, here I am, I can do no other. Having an end-time outlook has impact upon how you live today and what you leave behind. One of the most crucial to the discussion is Jesus’ own understanding of His coming and the end of the world.

Recently, I spent some time looking to establish at least some form of understanding of what the scriptures teach regarding the end-times. This is an area of uncertainty for many and there is much that I still need to examine and think through. With that said, I’ve at least come to a comfortable conclusion in regards to the text of Matthew 24 and the famous Olivet Discourse and, in return, I thought I’d share. I published an article on the text and perhaps someone can benefit from it . The article is found in the Articles Section or you can access it here.


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